7 Ways to Reuse A Blog to Save Money and Time

Many hospital marketing departments are short-staffed and overstretched, leaving you with little time to come up with all of the content that your website and social media channels need. Fortunately, one well-written blog post can do most of the work for you.

Save money (and time) by reusing your blog posts for these other content sources:

  • Tweets. Pull out sentences from your blog for a week’s worth of tweets.
  • Facebook posts. Share your blog on Facebook or separate it up into different factoids to supply multiple posts.
  • Press release. Is your blog topic newsy? Add some quotes from physicians (if they aren’t already there) and send it out to the media to see if you can pick up a health story on the six o’clock news.
  • Infographic. Shorten your blog up and get it to a great graphic designer to turn into an attractive and easy-to-read infographic. They are perfect for Pinterest.
  • Educational handout. Do your patients prefer handouts? Put your educational blog into a flyer template and have it in your offices for patients to pick up.
  • E-Newsletters. Fill your e-newsletter with content from your blog. You’ll find it is much easier to stick to your mailing schedule.
  • Editorials. In smaller communities, many newspaper editors love some input from local doctors and hospitals. If you have a timely blog, say one to do with a recent news story or a health observance that month, send it in as an editorial to your local newspaper.

Well-written blogs are extremely valuable to hospitals, powering both traditional and digital communications efforts. I’d love to help your hospital blog succeed. Contact me today to learn more about my blog writing services.

3 Essential Features of A Hospital Blog

No hospital website should be without a blog anymore. A blog is the powerhouse behind all of your social media channels, e-mail marketing and website content. It improves your SEO and gives you another low-cost way to connect to patients and improve community health.

For maximum success, hospital blogs should have a few essential features, including:

  1. Graphics liven up your blog, making it colorful and inviting. They also increase the number of clicks you get when you share your blog on Facebook or Twitter. Every post should come with an image of some sort.
  2. Physician input. Use your blog to position your physicians as experts. Most (if not all) of your blog posts should either be written, ghostwritten or feature quotes from your physicians. Not only does this make your blog seem more trustworthy, it makes your physicians look like the pros they are.
  3. Call to action. Include ways for your patients to take action at the end of the blog. Invite them to make an appointment, take health surveys or quizzes or even just learn more about the blog topic or featured doctor. Always give them a way to become more familiar and involved with your hospital or practice.

Go for bonus points and add a comments section for people to ask further questions and interact with you. Use you blog to build a relationship with patients and future patients.

Have a blog, but no time to write? Drop me a line, and we can work together.