Bon Secours Blogs

During my time at Bon Secours, I wrote dozens of blogs about health and wellness. Many of my blogs featured quotes from physicians or were ghostwritten for physicians, helping position Bon Secours doctors as experts in the community. I also wrote blogs about research in the news, helping explain how it may or may not apply to someone’s everyday life.

While blogging can provide education, it is also an opportunity to use a call-to-action to promote services and community events.

Please visit the links below to see examples of my blog writing.

Is Red Wine Actually Good for Your Heart?

“Chocolate” Pills Being Studied For Heart Health

Taste-Tested Tips for Healthier Holiday Baking

4 Healthy Valentine’s Day Dates

Are My Breasts Normal? (ghostwritten for OB/GYN)

Strange and Simple Solutions to Reduce Painful Gas (ghostwritten for gastroenterologist)

6 Ways to Love the Gym Again

Busting Flu Shot Myths (ghostwritten for family medicine physician)