Pokemon Go and How Hospitals Can Jump on Trends

Do you have Pokemon in your hospital? A Poke Stop nearby?

If you haven’t checked, you should. Don’t be afraid to capitalize on the latest trend sweeping social media this week, like Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters:

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 10.36.07 AM

It’s not often that hospitals can join in on the latest trending topics, but it’s extremely beneficial to your online following to find creative ways to discuss hot topics.

You’ve still got a little time to get in on the Pokemon Go trend. Try out these tactics to get some love from both media and social media:

  1. Write a blog with your top ten safety tips for playing Pokemon Go.
  2. Pitch a story to the media about how Pokemon Go could be good for fighting childhood obesity.
  3. Show how Pokemon Go is helping patients in your hospital get out of bed after surgery (may be more applicable to children’s hospitals).
  4. Post a photo on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. of Pokemon outside your hospital (Don’t forget a disclaimer about how trainers need to stay out of secured areas!)

What you learn and gain from jumping on this trend could help you when the next challenge, video game or movie comes out and creates a big buzz.

Need help creating engaging social media content? Send me a message!


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