The Photography Sources Your Hospital Isn’t Using (But Should!)

All social networking sites, from Pinterest to Facebook to Twitter, are demanding more and more visual content. According to market research published in 2014, photos have an 87 percent interaction rate on Facebook, while the next most popular posts (links) only get a 4 percent interaction rate.

For hospitals on strapped budgets, it may be difficult to find the visual content you need to keep up and maintain an active, engaging online presence. Lucky for you, there may be a few sources of untapped content you aren’t using yet.

  1. Your smartphone. A good Instagram filter and the latest phone models can make some pretty gorgeous photos. Keep HIPAA consents with you at all times so that if you come across a great photo or moment in your hospital, you are ready to go.
  2. Historical photos. Celebrate Throwback Thursday by scanning in old, interesting pictures of your hospital.
  3. Your print materials. Someone at some point has paid for the stock photography in your print materials. Collect all those images up and use them where you can on your website and blog. Consider adding text or filters using free sites like Canva or PicMonkey to make them more social media friendly.
  4. Your employees. Not in your facility of course! Employees should decidedly NOT take pictures while at work. However, when your NICU participates in the March of Dimes or your hospital hosts a booth at a health fair, encourage and empower employees to take photos of these local events. They help show that you are part of your community.
  5. Your department amateur photographer. Nearly every marketing department has a designer or writer who loves to take photos. Consider paying for them to take photography classes and equipping them with a department-owned quality camera. Your investment just might pay off.

Need help running your social media channels? Give me a shout for help on social media strategy and content.


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