My Top Sources of Free Health Stock Photography

Need some good stock photography for your website or blog, but don’t have the budget to buy dozens of pictures from iStock? Check out these great sites I use all the time for FREE stock photography (you’ll probably see some of the photos I use on my blog!).

CDC Public Health Image Library. The CDC has made thousands of images online free. Everything from historical health photos to nutrition topics, from fitness to flu, you can find a lot of photos on this site (though quality can vary).

US Government Photo Libraries. While you’re at it, check out other great photos from the US Government. These can help out when you have something specific, like needing a fireworks photo for Fourth of July or a picture of a riptide for an ocean safety blog, but may not be useful to you every day.

Foodiesfeed. Got a blog about a nutrition topic? This site has beautiful pictures of all sorts of food, healthy and unhealthy alike.

ISO Republic. These beautiful free photos cover a range of subjects, from food to technology to commuters. Sometimes you get lucky and find just the right photo. Sometimes you don’t.

Picjumbo. Similar to ISO Republic, this site has a wide variety of pictures. It may take a bit of digging, but they probably have what you need.

Have the photos you need, but not the words? Give me a buzz so I can help you develop great content.


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