How Your Healthcare System Can Track Conversions

Google AdWords and Facebook offer a handy tool called conversion tracking. You can use conversion tracking to find out how many people take the action you want them to take after seeing your ad, for instance, buying a product or calling your office.

Conversion tracking can often help you save money and determine a more accurate ROI for your online advertising. Unfortunately, tracking conversions can be challenging for hospitals and practices. After all, very few hospitals or practices have services or products that they can sell directly online.

As healthcare marketers, we need to get creative on how to track conversions. You can track a few different possible conversions that will help you better determine your ROI on digital marketing.

  1. Online appointment scheduling
    While online appointment scheduling is growing, many practices are having difficulty implementing these systems. Online appointments can also be difficult to track since many appointments are made through a third-party site or application. If you are able to put a conversion tag on your “thanks for scheduling your appointment” page, this is the gold standard of healthcare conversion tracking.
  2. Appointment request forms
    Appointment request forms are a much more realistic option for conversion tracking since building these secure forms on your own website is much easier. An appointment request that is answered in a timely manner often means a new patient or an appointment with a returning patient, a great conversion that’s value is easy to calculate.
  3. Phone calls to your practice
    If patients can’t schedule or request an appointment online, your next best conversion method is a phone call to your practice. These can be an imperfect science since not all searches take place on a mobile phone. However, as mobile becomes more and more the preferred method for using the Internet, these conversions will become more accurate.
  4. Newsletter sign-up
    If you have an established e-newsletter, especially one specific to the service line you are advertising, you may also encourage visitors who come in through ads to sign up for your newsletter to get more information. For patients who are early in the decision-making process, this may be a valuable conversion.

I would encourage you to try to find a way to set up at least one of these conversion methods, not only to provide better ROI numbers to your administration, but also to ensure you are getting the most bang from your buck from online advertising.

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