Three Groups Your Hospital Should Target With AdWords

The difficulty with creating AdWords campaigns for healthcare organizations is that, unlike people looking for a new pair of high heels, people looking for healthcare may not know exactly what they want or need.

When I develop AdWords campaigns for healthcare clients, I focus on consumers in three different parts of the decision making process.

1. I know my symptoms.
These people know they have symptoms like dizziness, but don’t know what it means or how to fix it. Except in specific circumstances, this audience probably isn’t the one you want. After all, their symptoms may be nothing, or they may need to go to a primary care doctor for a referral before they could even approach you for business.

If you do want this audience, tailor your landing pages, ads and keywords specifically to their symptoms. Don’t bother using “back surgery;” use “lower back pain” instead. You may be able to increase awareness about your services by catching these people early, so it is always worth a shot.

2. I know my diagnosis.
This group of patients may be the audience you seek. They’ve (hopefully) been diagnosed by a primary care physician or may have self-diagnosed and are looking for confirmation. These people are ready to find someone who can help.

For this group, tailor your campaign to services and doctors that can help with their particular diagnosis. For instance, use “scoliosis,” but also “scoliosis brace,” “scoliosis surgery” and “scoliosis doctor.” Send them to a landing page with information on what to expect from treatment and easy ways to contact your doctors, such as a phone number or online form.

3. I know what treatment I want.
This group is ready to pay for treatment NOW. They’ve done their research, they’ve talked to a doctor or two, but they want a specific treatment they feel will help them. For this group, use keywords that are extremely specific to treatment you offer. Instead of “knee replacement,” use “MAKOplasty knee replacement.”

Often these last two groups can be part of the same campaign; just make sure you have an informative landing page and ads that mention specific treatments.

No matter which audience you’re aiming for, always make it easy for people to contact you from your ads or landing pages. And don’t forget (especially with audience number three!) to include any benefits that may help them choose you over a competing hospital that offers the same treatment.

+ Need some help targeting your AdWords campaigns? Contact me, and we’ll get your ads in front of the right audiences.


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